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therapyoutpatient physical therapy medicare msp Our company is your number one source for professional bodyguards, executive protection officers, low risk and high risk security teams.   We offer all of our members free training to help them get started in this highly demanding field or just to add something different to the training they might already have.  They must have the best training available and this is what we provide.  Our goal is to prepare and re-educate the best candidates possible to become  top notch, first class bodyguards.  Candidates need to possess plenty of motivation, be in good health and have the drive to succeed!   If you would like to have more info relating to bodyguards and their services please look at our
bodyguard info page

I f you are interested in our training program and would like to work as an Executive Protection Agent then please call our recruiting line at 615-228-1701.
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Protection Services Unlimited of Tennessee has been appointed as the Official Recruitment Director for the International Bodyguard Network in the United States of America.  We have been fortunate to recruit some of the best Executive Protection Officers into our organization.  These agents are available for hire through our directory. Please check out our Agents link.  We do have many other agents that are not yet posted but are available for hire. Please contact Kim if you are in need of a protection services and we will find someone that suits your needs.  Our customer service number is 615-228-1750.
Bodyguards For Hire

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Our company is your best source for professionally trained bodyguards.  We work with the largest bodyguard company on the Internet and have many qualified individuals ready for employment.   Most of our members are military trained and some have attended the most Elite Bodyguard training facilities in the United States.  They are also trained the non-confrontational way as well.  What ever your needs, we can provide you with  an individual or team to keep you from harms way.  Our military trained members have focused on keeping our country safe and now a lot of them are returning home from high risk areas.   These guys are the most qualified and best trained to provide you with the security that you need to feel safe.  We have members available in most states and some are even willing to travel to meet your needs.  We also have other members that do not have military experience but are trained to take on low risk assignments and can insure your safety.

Please go to our contact page and fill out the information for submission.  We will  have some one available for you with in 48 hours if not sooner. 

We keep all of our membership/registration information updated and confidential.  We are able to provide you with the most qualified agents in your area.  Come and join our team.

We have worked hard to build our business as a company you can trust.  We are now a member of the therapyoutpatient physical therapy medicare mspoutpatient physical therapy medicare msp

therapyoutpatient physical therapy medicare msptherapy International Bureau of Bodyguard Standards

outpatient physical therapy medicare msp with a seal of integrity.  We are here to serve you with all your needs.

outpatient physical therapy medicare mspoutpatient physical therapy medicare msp therapyoutpatient physical therapy medicare msptherapy

Those of you that want a career in the protection field...
Can join our organization and recieve free non-confrontational training.  PSU has worked hard to build a reputation that you can trust.  We stand behind our services to prepare you to work with .. The IBN the largest bodyguard company in the world...
therapy therapytherapytherapy

outpatient physical therapy medicare msp                                              COME JOIN OUR TEAM

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